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Evil thoughts that probably shouldn’t be shared…

January 24, 2012

This is a long overdue post…

On the morning of December 31st, I was in bed, kissing and loving all over my Goddess and we were getting hotter and hotter.  An evil thought popped into my head.  I grinned, and Grace knows that grin, and asked what it was.

“First, I am not asking to cum right now.” It had been 146 days since my last full orgasm.

From between her beautiful thighs, I looked up into her eyes and said. “Next time you choose to give me a full orgasm, since you enjoy snapping me so much, how about you snap me the whole time I’m stroking. Then, when I cum, catch it in a shot glass and while it cools, snap me, post-orgasmically. It will be shear torture for me, and I am sure you will enjoy that. Then, you can force me to drink the cold cum from the shot glass.”

“AND, to stave off the prickiness, you can snap me every night for a week afterward to enforce who is in charge.”

Me and my big mouth!

Her eyes lit up!

“Oh, I really like that!  Let’s do it right now!”

There was some brief discuss about being able to get off like that, and various other discussions. My responses were that I would do my best to please her.

And with that, I ran to the kitchen and got a shot glass. When I got back, she had the key and rubber bands ready.

She unlocked my cage and had me take it off as she sat gleefully beside me on the bed.  I hadn’t even gotten the base ring off when the snaps began.  HARD SNAPS.  While normally, I spring to life in her presence when the cage comes off, the severe pain assaulting my her testicles caused me to remain less than rigid.

“Stroke it!  I’m not stopping for any reason, so you might want to get on with it.”

I quickly stroked up and down, pulling hard.  Hardness wasn’t going to be much of an issue.  I got turgid, but that would be more than enough. Going 5 months without an orgasm, regardless of the circumstances, will make one a little quick on the trigger.  The snaps kept coming.  Balls, head, nipples.  The pain was unbelievable.  The pain also helped to quickly push me over the edge.

In less than 2 minutes, I begged “Your Grace, may I please cum?”

She graciously responded “Yes.”  And handed me the shot glass.

Mercifully, she paused the snaps long enough to have a body wrenching orgasm and spill a lot of pent up frustration into a small glass. Once complete, she took the shot glass, set it on the night stand and immediately began snapping again.  In my post-orgasmic state, the pain was unbearable.  Somehow, I managed for a few more snaps until I became completely soft.

“Put your cage back on.” And just like that, I was back in the cage, and she was snapping the lock.

Then, 5 more double snaps came onto the balls!  I was squirming and whining quite a bit.

“Take 5 more like that, without being a little bitch about it, and we’re done!”

Agonizingly, 5 more snaps, two rubber bands together and pulled back as far as they would go, landed in exactly the same spot, right in the middle of the testicles.  I was sweating, and breathing like a woman in labor, but I managed to maintain myself.

“One more because I want to!” SNAP!

I was nearly in tears.

She held out the rubber bands for me to kiss. “Thank You, Your Grace”, I said meekly and kissed each one in turn.

Then, she ordered me to drink the result of our little experiment. When you are all hot and bothered, the idea seems so amazingly sexy!  When you’ve have a chance to cool down, and more importantly, so has the ejaculate, it goes so far away from sexy as to be disgusting.

However, it was my idea…  I can be really stupid sometimes…

I drank it.  I was bitter, cold and slimy. I immediately knew why so many woman say they hate the taste of it.  I fought down the urge to immediately vomit.  My face contorted into a pucker of disgust and revulsion.  The aftertaste was possibly worse than initial taste.  A sperm-burp forced its way up, and reflexively, I clamped my mouth shut, fearing that more may be coming. The smell pushed on through my nose, increasing my displeasure.

Knowing that it pleased her and that I had endured that, filled me with an amazing glow of contentment and joy.

Little did I know how much the prickiness would rear its ugly head in the days that followed.

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