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Pictures of Pinky

August 27, 2012

Chaste Nikki requested a few pictures of Pinky. She is currently in Germany, getting some revisions from Dietmar at Steelworxx, who i highly recommend.

The cage was a little long for Her Grace’s tiny little boy-clit to live in, so, it its being shortened from 115mm to 75mm. The crossfire end cap gives a subby way more access to the Goddess’s property, so it is being replaced with the steel heart 2 style. We are also getting the penis plug fixing to hold everything in place. I had some problems with edema from having the PA fixing. I suspect that with the shorter tube, it may be possible to alleviate that. Finally, and this is the one that Her Grace is super excited about, they are going to drill and tap about 15 small holes all the way around the barrel of the tube to install the Mike’s Spikes sharp points that we got at JT’s Stockroom. We don’t currently have an ETA on that, but we how to get out back in time for Her Grace’s birthday trip at the end of September.

Until then, i am in the CB-6000s… Which is still a little long some days.

Enjoy the pictures!


peeking out

Ok, here are a few of the cage full on.


lace covered pinky

It looks so beautiful covered in my favorite lace panties!


a bit of swelling

A bit of swelling for Her Grace’s amusement.


Side view.


That’s all folks!

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